Kristian believes that education is the cornerstone for a successful life. The help he received from the tribal education department greatly influenced his life. Furthermore, it enhanced his appreciation for education and the benefits afforded by a quality education. Kristian believes that in order for our children to excel, it’s imperative they start early and that we allocate necessary resources that will ensure academic success in their future. Just as learning starts at birth, so too should our efforts in educating our children. From birth to four years of age is an extremely critical time in the development of children. We need to encourage our local school systems to begin investing in Pre-K development in order to better prepare our children for a 21st century learning environment.

Education workers in public schools are the cornerstone to a quality education. Teachers and school workers are one of the most valuable resources students have and provide the necessary skills to succeed in life. Oftentimes, teachers are some of the most vulnerable to state budget cuts and deserve a strong voice in the state legislature to stand up for them.

Kristian will also work to ensure that our high schools offer not only college-bound curriculum, but strong technical skills classes as well for those students who do not wish to attend a university after graduating high school. He will fight for our universities being fully-funded in order to keep our best and brightest students in Louisiana, and will work to bring stakeholders together to maximize educational opportunities in this state.

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Infrastructure / Economic Development

Kristian has a firm grasp on the complex issues’ businesses face in today’s world. As a representative on the SWLA Economic Alliance where his presence on the infrastructure and government committee has provided him with first-hand knowledge of the challenges’ we face in District 32 with our crumbling infrastructure. Kristian will work tirelessly to synergize the stakeholders in the district and region to continue working together toward common goals to improve our area. As State Representative he will work with the DOTD to improve our roads and bridges and keep state contracts local, which will give businesses better access to move goods and services throughout Louisiana and the nation. He will be a fighter for small business and level the playing field for our rural areas by fighting against unfair tax increases. One of his goals as State Representative is to attract new business and support existing, local businesses. He plans to work with local and state governments to put incentives in place that help encourage and attract new business and provide benefits for buying local. District 32 needs a stronger voice in the Legislature to ensure it is represented like the larger cities and towns around us, Kristian will be that voice.

Agriculture / Rural Issues

Agricultural and timber jobs are the backbone of our communities across District 32. The opportunities farmers and cattlemen give to our communities is important. Our farmers and ranchers need a strong, responsive voice in the Legislature. As State Representative, Kristian will take a leading role in the crafting of public policy pertaining to rural and agricultural issues to ensure that our farms, cattlemen, and timber producers continue to offer the same opportunities that allowed his family to succeed. Rural districts such as District 32, are often disproportionately represented compared to their urban counterparts. He intends to bring a new energy and a fresh perspective to help energize the rural caucus in order to strengthen rural communities and allow greater rural opportunities both in our district as well as those across Louisiana.
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